Automated frame manufacturing - from single part to the finished frame

Robot plant for the production of door and window frames

Changing station

The Station has 2 devices for the insertion and welding area. After manual loading of 4 single frame parts of the frame is centered and clamped. Then the welding device rotates 180 degrees for welding robots. An empty loading space is then available again.

Welding station

In the welding station the four individual frame members are initially stitched together. Only after the correct weld joint is produced by MAG welding.

Grinding station

After completion of the welding operation of the frame with the handling robot is brought to the grinding station. The handling robot moves the 4 corners successively for grinding. The frame is in each case only subjected to a coarse grinding and then to a fine grinding.

Inspection (manual workstation)

After handing in the jig, the quality control of the finished frame takes place by means of visual inspection. Any reworking can be carried out. The removal of the complete frame at this point of the process for further testing is also possible.

Transport Station

Shared final frame in the test station are passed to the handling robot to the monorail conveyor and can eg be further processed in the powder coating, galvanizing etc.

In the video you can see a plant configuration prior to delivery to the customer.

Automated frame manufacturing
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