Robot welding systems - welding-related complete solutions

Arc Welding arrives more and more in most fields of metal work!
But in contrast to handling robots and spot welding robots it requires that the programming has to include not only moves from A to B, the programming needs all tricks and skills of a perfect welder.

The weld-technological examination on basis of the planned number of pieces and quality requests should be the foundation for further decisions from the start of the planning.

This should include the following consideration:

  • special possibilities of modern welding processes
  • the positioning and clamping of the single components concerning the whole unit
  • the accessibleness of the individual welding seams in optimal welding position for the robot
  • the handling of the loading and removing of the work piece
  • the steady positioning of the work piece during the welding process
  • the moving of the robot in one ore more axis during welding
  • the welding and interim times which are to expect
  • the expected welding torsion which is to restrict
  • the order of welding seams
  • the recognition of the position of the work piece
  • the automatically seam pursuit
  • the aspect of health and safety protection at the workplace

We offer you a free welding of a sample with a weld-technological check of the complete task.

Robot welding
Robot welding