3D Welding Tables

3D welding tables - always the suitable fixture for your tasks

For the special requirements of different welding works with different work pieces we have developed multifaceted 3D welding tables, which can also withstand extreme loads.


The Förster 3D welding tables are available in stationary and mobile design in different sizes according to different workpiece dimensions.

The modular system allows you to emerge with only a few parts the most diverse and adequate work surfaces, since the entire table surface is fully movable.

Particularly valuable for the user is the possibility of opening or enlarging the table surface in order to create a work surface in accordance with the requirements of a particular welding task.

For your specific needs, there are available various combinations as lift tables, and welding tables with horizontal and vertical rotation function.

The Förster 3D welding work tables consist of stable T-slot rails and thus form the ideal welding work station, to solve diverse clamping application even with heavy loads with simple means (one slot nut). No spatter sensitive hole grid system is needed, the functional surface of the slot nut is in absolutely protected position.

Based on our T-slot system, each clamping element can be precisely positioned at any point on the welding table. So it is possible to weld frames, pipes, racks, housings, etc. in any position.

Due to the flexible shifting of the clamping elements in the slot a continuous positioning takes place. Thus, the modular system is a fixture with multiple functions, with which you can set, fasten and clamp your work piece. Thus you will achieve in your production high accuracy in your manufacturing due to the use of modular 3D Förster welding tables.

A great advantage of a 3D welding table with slot system compared to a welding table with holes is the high flexibility in clamping of workpieces.

3D welding tables with T-slot system have, compared to the hole welding tables, the advantage that the welding table is equipped with grey cast iron rails. This makes the welding table insensitive against spatter adherence.

Another benefit of the 3D welding table with a slot system compared to a hole welding table is the partially covering of the welding table surface, which can be individually adapted to the components.

It is also possible to easily replace single grey cast iron rails on the 3D welding table in case of damage. In a hole steel welding table in this case the entire table surface would have to be revised or replaced at very high costs.


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