Clamping fixtures

Förster clamping fixtures - Ideas with quality

The company Förster has longstanding experience in building welding fixtures. The unit costs as well as the quality of the welding in mass production, automated or mechanized welding will be significantly influenced by the quality and operator convenience of the clamping device.

Förster manufactures solutions for the widest variety of requirements in the area of fixture construction, such as special devices and clamping fixtures for large series with manual, pneumatic or automated clamping modules.

According to the requests and requirements of our customers our fixtures are manually, pneumatically, or electromagnetically clampable and is equipped with integrated monitoring sensors, whereby a facilitated workpiece handling is guaranteed.

Our clamping fixtures for automated welding of easier serial parts have a manual operation.

According to your requests and the requirements of your parts, we can realize fixtures as special design which will be individually designed, manufactured and assembled by us.

Clamping fixtures allow a low-grade process with high reliability and apply also because of their efficient use of space and optimized workpiece clamping position in the parts production on machine tools and machining centers. Our devices can furthermore be extended with additional functions such as handling and monitoring.

Especially the frame and railing construction constitutes a large application field in the area of  clamping devices. Förster manufactures workpiece clamping fixtures for nearly all types of frames and railings.

Mechanical clamping fixtures with ergonomic and operated handling are especially useful for smaller series. You can position and clamp your workpieces in such a mechanical clamping device with high reliabilty.

The Förster clamping fixtures are characterized by their flexibility and can be extended with additional features to meet the increasingly complex demands in parts production as customized special machine.

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