Weld your components in optimum position with a manipulator

A more efficient and more faultless workmanship can be created by an ergonomic workstation design that simultaneously protects your personnel from health damages especially in a physically demanding activity.

With our manipulators you are able to easily turn your workpiece into the optimal position. The use of a manipulator thus offers a preventative occupational safety and more safety at the workplace. A higher efficiency is achieved and due to the resulting improved quality in your production a Forster manipulator is an ideal addition.

The advantages of a manipulator for your production:

  • quality improvement by
  • increased productivity and
  • health protection as well as security for your staff

To ensure a clean and error-free, a clear overview is urgently necessary. Some pieces often cause difficulties when welding due to their size or bulky shape, as not all sites are clearly visible.

Thus, large, bulky workpieces had to be brought several times into a different position during the working process with heavy equipment.

This way of proceeding always entails a security risk, which you can reduce with the use of a manipulator. The design of a manipulator is similar to a lifting platform. Your workpieces can be processed directly on it.

You can adapt the work surface of the manipulator perfectly to your production pieces, just like our 3D welding table, whereby all locations are easily accessible. Thus you can easily and secure realize the welding, milling or measuring of your parts.

Due to the use of a manipulator you can increase the efficiency of your production, which contributes permanently to improve the quality of your products. By using a manipulator you are able to avoid damages to the health of your employees. The tiltable manipulator can be adjusted and adapted in height and angle. The use of a manipulator brings you an ergonomic work environment.

The use of a manipulator allows with optimized welding sequence a very precise work, and thus significantly redues the welding distortion rate. You also have the option to save repetitive work steps so as to ensure a consistent standard of quality and increase your productivity with less non-productive time.

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