Modular Welding Table

Modular welding fixtures - fixture efficiently and fabricate accurately


Modular welding table - the flexible system for your welding tasks

Welding tasks are a daily part in many metalworking companies. During the assembly and manufacturing of work pieces that are difficult to handle for one welder alone because of weight and complexity, our modular welding table prove itself in praxis and saves significant workload in processing of even complex assemblies.

A modular Förster welding table is suitable for a large range of applications and versatile usable as welding work table. For the special requirements of your individual work pieces, you can create due to the innovative design  the respectively suitable fixture.

Our modular welding table is made stable and withstands due to  its high load capacity even high traffic. However, the table has a high manufacturing precision, which is very beneficial to your production.

The modular welding table you can flexibly adapt to your work piece and also adjust according to your welding task in size. Due to the ability to open certain areas of the work surface or to laterally shift individual rails to extend the welding work table sideways, even large and bulky workpieces with additional components such as quick release clamps, stops and clamping angles can be positioned and welded easily and quickly.

Our catalogue is packed with other useful information about the benefits and technical details of our clamping fixtures and contains many examples of practical application, how a modular welding table supports your production best. For questions about our Förster products, we would be glad to advise you.

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