Tilting welding tables

The ergonomic work station for your production - possible with the tilting table

Your work pieces can be positioned and clamped individually according to your requirements with a Förster tilting table.

With a Förster tilting table you are able to position your work pieces exact and repeatable. The tilting table has a continuously 360 ° rotary range and can be locked by means of a locking brake. With a rotary tilting table also  a large work area can be ensure even at a low construction height.

Welding tables with lifting and tilting function, lifting and rotary function as well as the lifting tilting welding table are further products from Förster. These welding tables have a hydraulic scissors platform for height adjustment.

The integrated rotary function ensure an ergonomic welding. Another advantage is that our welding tables with lifting, rotary and tilting function enable welding or assembling of your parts with dimensions from 650 to 1400 mm and weights up to 1.5 t.

Our innovative electrohydraulic welding tables are independently tiltable 2 x 45 °, allow the assembly and welding of workpieces with dimensions of 500 to 1,000 mm and can lift loads of up to 1.5 t. Special structures may raise workpieces with loads of more than 1.5 t.

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