Welding automation

Robotics, automation? You have the task, we have the solution.

The current requirements in the manufacturing industry (smaller series, smaller tolerances of products, shorter delivery times) and the now globally existing competition can only be met with increased flexibility and improved quality. To remain competitive, especially an increased productivity is essential.

An automated production can increase the performance of your production.

The holistic implementation of need-based solutions such as automation and production concepts for your particular application we perform in close collaboration with our customers and thus combine their know-how with the skills of our specialists and our machine park in order to develop the best possible solution for your application.

Flexible automation solution for every task
With the welding automation solutions from Förster it is possible to adapt each system according to the specific application to the existing machines gradually implement your automation tasks.

Work piece automation
By incorporating a modular and flexible multi-axis industrial robot to your production machine automatic workpiece handling with efficient loading and unloading operation is possible.

Tasks and Industries
Measuring in mechanical engineering, system construction, the manufacture of tools and body parts, control, regulation and operation in the manufacture of suspension systems, electrical engineering, power engineering, automation and implementation, communications, signaling as well as safety.

Process automation
For your specific automation task we design and implement individual solutions in process automation, from complete new systems through optimization and even to changes in your production systems. Furthermore, we implement system and machine visualization.

Automated machinery or systems work as independently as possible and independent of operators. Thereby, various automatic processes can be supported by different methods in automation computer controlled and optimized.

Robotics, system and process automation
For the specific product production of our clients we offer in the field of robotics, systems and process automation a wide range of robotic machining cells to complex automation systems to system components in order to optimize the efficiency of your production.

We offer a comprehensive service from concept and design through to manufacture and installation to commissioning and subsequent training.

Due to the integration of robots, the system automation offers numerous advantages for your specific applications, most notably a significant increase in productivity and efficiency in production. In the manufacture of your products you can achieve an improved product quality and increase your production capacity and production flexibility by use of automated systems, thereby increasing of the income is achieved. In addition, a reduction in operating costs, the reduction in material waste, and not least the improvement of the conditions in the workplace can be recorded.

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