Railing welding fixtures for all around welding

The processing time of various railings

  • straight railings or banisters
  • with starting, in-between and final stakes
  • with handrail, inter belt and bottom boom
  • with ornaments and all possible graduations of railing member distribution
  • in stainless steel, aluminum or iron steel

can plainly be reduced up to 50 %.

In the process the bar elements (filled rod, stakes and ornaments) get placed program-controlled according to their respective wideness.

Therefore only the distance between the stakes and the quantity of similar bar elements need to be entered into the input display.

For banister the gradient corner in the driving sledge can be justified. The driving sledge with the admission of the different bar elements proceeds by keystroke of banister position to banister position for filing of the bar elements.

The holders for handrail, inter belt and bottom boom can be shifted individually in x-axis and be proceeded in y-axis as a unity after dimension announcement. By twisting the hold head all profile cross sections on height of the bar elements centre themselves. The holders of handrail and belts are from stainless steel to conform also to the demands for stainless steel railing. Now the railings fixed after the insertion can be swung in the optimum welding position and can be welded overleaf ready.

Railing welding fixture
7 meter
Railing welding fixture
6.5 meter
Railing welding fixture
5 meter