Vacuum clamping system Vacufix® Heat-proof vacuum clamping plates

For robot and hand welding of sheet metals

With our just developed High Temperature-Vacuum Clamping Plates
(Pat.Reg. 102013017806.5) you will be able for the very first time to quickly
and securely clamp parts,

  • through sheet metal parts and profiles
  • directly in the heat area of influence and at a three dimensional level

The High Temperature-Vacuum Clamping Plates join

  • the defined parts system
  • with the actual clamping process,

in order to build the most different welding devices for sheet metal manufacturing with the help of a construction kit. Here an important advantage is that no welding seams are covered with clamping arms and as a result they can be easily welded.

Vacuum clamping system Vacufix®
Vacuum clamping system Vacufix®

The sheet metal parts are easily secured on the vacuum plate, whereby the ball valve opens and only a small vacuum surface is used. This makes easier any correction in the position of the sheet metal parts. (Video)

When traction-related forces become active, the vacuum area increases immediately and each vacuum plate generates adhesive forces from 40
up to 45 kg.


This allows to reduce thermal distortion reliably, especially with stainless steel processing.

For component pick-up with integrated voltage on the interior side, vacuum plates with compressed air are used.

The high-temperature-vacuum plate is equipped with an elastic stailess steel shim as sealing surface, which can easily be replaced. 

We offer the Vacuum Clamping System Vacufix® in two different sets:

  • set complete with pump, air chamber and clamping table or plate for
    the own manufacturing of devices
  • set, customized to the working piece, including all accessories
    (if the working piece changes, the clamp system can be adapted
    by the customer or Förster Welding Systems)
Vacuum clamping system Vacufix®
Vacuum clamping system Vacufix®
Vacuum clamping system Vacufix®
Vacuum clamping system Vacufix®
Vacuum clamping system Vacufix®