welding machines and power sources

welding machines or welding devices

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At our house (at Forsters) you will get the professional equipment from a single source. If fully fitted workshops with welding cabins or entirely equipped welding benches – we will comply with your requirements.

Welding devices from our product range Lincoln-electric, Selco, OTC-Daihen and many more german manufacturers as well as high-quality-welding wire you will find in our choice of products. As a regional delivery facility for technical gases we have a wide range of specialized gases in stock. We will be glad to provide you with professional advice for the application of special welding processes and welding devices.

Especially the professional processing of stainless steel, the cleaning of the surfaces as well as welding of special stainless steel - we recommend the well-fitting device or welding machine.

As a partner of DVS and several research institutes ( e.g. the Technical Universities of Chemnitz and Freiberg) we are involved in the constantly development of welding processes.

Processes like the welding of magnesium and special MIG/MAG welding procedures are researched at Forster Welding Systems (our house?). The optimal welding result and the quality of manufacturing always have priority in our activities.