Manipulators, turning-tilting welding tables and positioners

Welding manipulators, turning-tilting tables and positioners with lifting function and 2 rotation axis to be able to reach all weld seams in flat position and to weld with an ergonomic working height.

The turning-tilting welding tables will be customized according to customer's requirements. When welding complex parts the use of positioners and manipulators simplifies considerably this task. The turning and tilting welding tables can be used for manual welding or along with welding robots.

Stepless adjustment of any workpiece

We also design and manufacture positioners for specific purposes and big measurements. 

The use of this positioners will help the welder solve some handling problems related to complexe workpieces. On customer's demand their features and weight can be specifically adapted to the customer's workpiece characteristics.

Advantages of these Workpiece positioners

  •     Quality increase
  •     Increase of the safety at work
  •     Improved work ergonomics
  •     Higer positioning accuracy means more efficiency
  •     Productivity increase through optimal working position