Highly flexible custom-made welding tables


Welding tables specially designed to suit your parts.

Modular design to enable free positioning in all 3 spatial dimensions.   

Welding tables with scissors-like lifting system to achieve an ergonomic working position.

Our tables with scissors-like lifting system have proven to be the perfect solution in those cases in which, due to their heavy weight, the parts cannot be easily handled by a single welder.

  •     with hydraulic substructure
  •     movable with tilting, swiveling and turning functions
  •     welding tables with fume extraction system
  •     combined in different ways

The surfaces of the welding tables are completely covered with grey cast iron rails as well as non-ferritic aluminum/copper rails (for the stainless steel processing) with a grid element spacing and engraving of 100 x 100 mm.