Welding tables with horizontal rotating function

Welding table with horizontal rotating funtion

A rotating welding table is the perfect solution to accurately positioning big and heavy workpieces.

Innovative technology, proven quality

The welding table surface can be rotated by 360º and adjusted to any desired position using a built-in ball-bearing rim. The ball-bearing rim lies in a position which is protected from welding spatter and has been designed for high axial loads.

Partially covered versions of the rotating welding table can also be custom-made

Welding tables with built-in ball-bearing rim are widely used in the manufacturing process of:  

  •     Stainless steel containers for the food processing industry
  •     Special containers for the pharmaceutical industry
  •     Pressure vessels for the chemical industry

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Rotating Welding Jig
Rotating Welding Jig for stainless steel processing
Moveable Rotating Welding Jig for stainless steel processing
Rotating Welding Jig partially covered