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High flexible and infinitely variable working with our welding table system

The table surface is completely covered with grey cast iron rails or non-ferritic rails with a spacing of 100 mm. The grey cast rails have an engraving of 100 x 100 mm.

The maximum permissible point load of the single rail is 1.5 tons and with a stainless steel table top 1.0 t at a cast iron table surface.This can be increased according to your workpiece, the maximum permissible welding table-total load as desired.


Partially covered welding table
Partially covered welding table

Modular welding table system

The modular welding table system makes it possible to design the most diverse and customized table surfaces with only a few components.
The entire table surface can be moved in unlimited ways.
To meet your specific requirements various combinations of lift tables, horizontal rotary tables and vertical turntables are available for you.

Why welding tables?

The most significant cost factor in the manufacturing of a welded construction is not the welding seam; the average seam takes up only about 15% of the actual work time. 85% of the time needed is nonproductive time spent with the precise dimension and angle assignment of the individual parts, in addition to measuring, correcting, aligning, and mechanically reworking the components.

A precise method for creating an assembly, in conjunction with suitable clamping fixtures and stops, can result in a variety of significant benefits, even in single part production.