What are the advantages of grey cast iron?

Certainly the most important argument is that most welding processes result in flash that can stick to the table surface.

1. Flash sticking to grey cast iron is like the bonding of a normal weld on grey cast iron -it pulls off in the transition zone.

2. Grey cast iron ages, and with this aging graphite diffuses to the surface; the surface becomes greyer and greyer, and so the surface is increasingly protected from flash sticking to it.

3. An anti-stick product should be applied to the surface until the surface has aged enough; the product
penetrates the porous structure of grey cast iron and enriches it due to an increasingly durable protection which builds up. Over time it is no longer necessary to constantly reapply anti-stick products.

Additional advantages of grey cast iron are:

  • The low expansion coefficient in exposure to heat
  • Improved sound dissipation when positioning parts made from a single casting.